anouk de clercq [28021971] studied film and video at the sint-lukas art
academy in brussels. shortly after her filmstudies she worked as an
assistant to leslie thornton and walter verdin.

in new york she worked with the wooster group - ensemble of artists that
combine theatre with video and music and here it became clear to her that
it is very enriching to bring together different artforms and different
artists. since then anouk is very drawn to the interplay of disciplines:
besides mixing different artforms in her videowork combining textual
graphics, music and images - she also composes images to be integrated in
music- theatre- or dance-pieces.

anouk de clercq is one of the initiators of cinema nova in brussels, an
independent cinema presenting film and video, documentaries, experimental
work, installations and performances. as a curator she made shows with
cinema nova, constant, argos, stuk, monty, limelight, global attic festival,
cineclub and anthology film archives.

in 2000 she received a grant from the fondation belge de la vocation to
encourage her development as a videoartist.