Michael Sellam

Netart, Video and Audio Artist.
Lives and works in Paris, France

Working on relationships between body, space and time. He is a member of the experimental web platform Incident.net . Since 1992, Michael Sellam has realized installations, audio works, video art, video installation artworks and interactive installation artworks.
His works reveals itself as a experiment of the creative possibilities of the new technologies and the viewer's adaptability and powers of discernement. He also associate technological artworks to their declensions as interactive installations and to derivation products. Experimenting art possibilities.

He studied interactive fiction, video, audio and interactive installations with Anne-Marie Duguet and Jean-Louis Boissier, he also collaborate with other artists in many works during workshops and he is in 2003 invited to run a workshop in the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Rennes as an invited artist.