Robert B.Lisek

is an artist, mathematician and a founder of Fundamental Research Lab;
he is involved in the number of projects focused on alternate aesthetic strategies and artificial intelligence. He is also a scientist at Department of Logic of Wroclaw University specialising in the theory of partially-ordered sets.

Studied in Academy of Fine Arts/Wroclaw - painting
State Theatre, Film and TV Academy(PWSTFiTV),Lodz - realisation tv
Wroclaw University - philosophy, mathematics,


Priests - Academy of Fine Arts/Wroclaw
Rotolyn - WRO 93 International Sound Basis Visual Art  Festival, Wroclaw
Iesus Hardware & Software - Artists' Museum, Grohmanıs palace, Lodz
Uterus -  WRO 99 - media art biennale, Contemporary Teater, Wroclaw
Uterus - The Centre of Studies on Jerzy Grotowski's Work, Wroclaw

House-War waves- Lowicki Gallery, Wroclaw
Model-Fund ­ Potoczny Gallery, Wroclaw
The Snake sheds his skin - Entropy Gallery, Wroclaw

Parainconsistent Logic, Logical Philosophy, Mathematics & Informatics - Jaskowski Memorial Symposium, Torun
Der Tod Opera ­ billboards& internet actions in cities of Poland, Art Marketig Sindicate

III-V-th Conference on Applications of Logic in Foundations of Mathematics, Karpacz
Ubermas & Menge / FestFestungFestival, Wroclaw
Ordered Sets - Stephan Banach International Mathematical Center, Warsaw
SsspeAr - WRO2000@culture -- 17th Meridian Exhibition, Mathematical Tower, Mediation/Medialization Congress

Kehre - Screen WRO 01 Biennale, The Contemporary Theatre,Wroclaw
Tarski Centenary Conference - Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center, Warsaw

Kehre /animations- Ars Electrnica, Linz
Rawar & stackattack ­ Digital Progression, Entropy Gallery, Wroclaw

Stackdata - PIXXELPOINT, Goricia

S(+)OS - SFF, Split