autobiographical statement

since 1998 reMI
Renate Oblak and Michael Pinter
Renate Oblak born 1972 in Austria
Michael Pinter born 1969 in Austria
Priorities: sound/video/computerart

2002 "Automata Inak" Videoinstallation and Prints MuWa Graz
2000 "Mobile V/ Komp. 01/ Komp. 02" contribution to the festival "Lowlands" Netherlands
1999 "A.INAK" contribution to the project "V++" The Thing Vienna Vienna Austria
1999  "Thilghes Remix" contribution to the festival "Nachrichtentechnik 1-3" Rhiz Vienna Austria
1999 "Connecting" with B. Koolwijk R. Mens and W. Ritsch Minoriten Graz Austria
2002 "Compiler" Installation Medienturm Graz
2001/02  Award "Förderungspreis des Landes Steiermark" Neue Galerie Graz Austria
2000  "Zarakesh" contribution to the expo "Lebt und arbeitet in Wien" Kunsthalle/ Schikaneder Vienna Austria
2000  "Zarakesh" contribution to the expo "Sonic Residues" Australian Centre for contemporaery Art South Yarra Australia
2000 "Romutation", contribution to the expo "Monter/Sampler" Center Georges Pompidou Paris France
2000  "Krolake - Enter the Devil" contribution to the expo "19 Räume" Kunsthaus Bregenz Austria
2000 "Comp.TOT 4" contribution to the expo "Schöpfungszeiten" Landesgalerie Oberösterreich Linz, Austria

2002  "Automata Inak 13" Sonar Festival Barcelona
2002  "Automata Inak 12" to the "night of the musea" Staendehaus Duesseldorf
2001 "godard remix" Mediathek Graz Austria
2001  "Automata Inak 11" to the festival "Vienne" Batofar Paris France
2001 "Lethal Loops" with Bernhard Lang to the "V:NM Festival" IEM Graz Austria
2001 "Automata Inak 10" to the Festival "WORM" Las Palmas Rotterdam Netherlands
2001  "Automata Inak 09" to the event "Techno-Visionen II" Medienturm Graz Austria
2001 "Automata Inak 08" contribution to the festival "Hoergaenge/ Palimpsest" Klangtheater Vienna, Austria
2001 "Automata Inak 07" Recyclart Brussels Belgium
2000 "Automata Inak 06" to the event "Live Visuals" Lazy Marie Ekko Utrecht Netherlands
2000 "Automata Inak 05" contribution to the Musikprotokoll "Bilderverbot" steirisc[her]bst Graz, Austria
2000  "Automata Inak 04" contribution to the festival "" Rotterdam Netherlands
2000  "Automata Inak 03" in the program "Projektionen/live_forms" Vienna Austria
2000 "Automata Inak 02" contribution to the expo "Johnny" Palais des Beaux-Arts Brussels Belgium
2000  "Automata Inak 01" in the program "Betriebsgeraeusche" Diagonale 2000 Graz Austria

VIDEOS (Beta SP and DVD) distributed by Sixpackfilm Vienna Austria
2001  "Uta ZET"
2000  "Enter the Devil"
2000  "Mobile V"
2000  "Comp.TOT 4/ Zarakesh"
2000  "Comp.TOT 4/ Krolake"
2000  "Comp.TOT 4/ Romutation"
2000  "Comp.TOT 4/ Neoklijt"

VIDEOS (Beta SP) distributed by Montevideo Amsterdam Netherlands
2001 "Mobile V"
2001 "Belchic QE"
VIDEO (Beta SP) distributed by Lightcone Paris France
1999  "Comp.TOT 4"
VIDEO COMPILATION "Austrian Abstract Video" (VHS and DVD) distributed by lanolin, Vienna Austria
2001  "Austrian Abstracts 01" VHS
2001  "projektionen>live_forms" DVD
2000  "Austrian Abstracts 00" VHS