Euroscreen21 is a European media-art project in which digital video shorts by forty artists from thirty European countries will be presented at the newly opened PAN Kunstforum Niederrhein.
Each video is about a minute long. The genres range over Video, New Media, Documentary, Experimental, Animation, etc., while, geographically, the invited artists are from Europe; and thematically, the works articulate their personal perspective on the concept of 'home'.

The Private View is on Saturday, 20th July 2003, at 12 noon
with an introduction by Andreas Broeckmann,
co-ordinator of
transmediale, the international media art festival in Berlin.

Euroscreen21 is a multiple event. The facets are

Euroscreen21 PAN

The Euroscreen21 DVD including all forty videos, will be featured at the PAN Kunstforum as a large-scale video projection.
Special Guest: Prof. Juergen Klauke, Germany
Apart from an interactive Internet work by Gregory Chatonsky (France), the DVD is also a catalogue, with illustrated information on the artists' works and on the project as a whole.

Euroscreen21 LIVE
Three Lower Rhine artists at Euroscreen21 will each show a work live at PAN -
Sabine Ruff, performance; Judith Nothnagel, video installation and Benjamin Fleig,
video installation

Euroscreen21 COUNTRIES
The Euroscreen21 DVD will be shown simultaneously in fifteen other countries, at museums, galleries and other cultural institutions across the world. These venues are either to be future co-operative partners of the PAN Kunstforum, or have followed invitations from Euroscreen artists in situ.

Euroscreen21 ONLINE
Follow the contents and developments of the project on its website,
. This will be continuously updated until December 2003.
Also on tap here is detailed information on the artists, their works, event dates, collaborating partners, etc., and an interactive work by Gregory Chatonsky (go to 'interactive').
From 20 July to 30 August, all the videos will be ONLINE, at Presented in collaboration by PAN and Tjader-Knight inc.

Euroscreen21 DVD
The Euroscreen21 DVD presents a current cross-section of work by artists working in the field of video/new media in Europe. The artistically and technically masterful videos reflect cultural specifics of the respective artists' country. The diversity of the works will appeal not just to specialists of the field, but to all viewers.
The DVD, including all forty works, has been produced in an edition of 500 and is available from the PAN Kunstforum,

PAN Kunstforum, Emmerich am Rhein, Germany
Director Dr. Martin Müller
Curator and artist Judith Nothnagel